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Garden houses - Garden House / Home Office / Home Gym.

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Solid log homes are by their nature efficient warm well insulated low maintenance and above all beautiful to look at. They do however use solid thick walls which are not in everyone's price plans just simply because they use so much wood. Therefore we have come up with an efficient alternative, still using many of the benefits of interlocking technology of the bigger brother and the qualities of wood to provide you with our 'Garden house range'.

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Model NB5050 berlin

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Model NB11156
Model NB11156
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These start with products as simple as dog kennels and move right up through saunas with benches and double glazed doors and small sheds right up to larger 700 sq. ft five roomed structures with double skinned walls and double glazed windows usable as a home office, summer house, granny annexe, or holiday home habitable all year round.

Its your choice, its your dream. Come and look at our small range here and if you don't see what you want just call us for a custom made design, all things are possible delivering dreams just take a little longer and a little more care.

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