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Machine made round section logs.

You can use the left hand menu or visit the log cabin list home page to see some more cabins in detail. Prices are on the price list page (click here) and you can request further specifications regarding other cabins by using our contact page and response form.

The house can be made of machine made logs of natural humidity (dia' of 170-200 mm) made by our firm in industrial conditions by the Swedish technology Timber Flexi.

Your house, sauna or garden house made in the machine made method will not only be highly efficient but will look superb. The antiseptic processes will give them longer life and as an optional extra we can have them treated with fire retarding compositions.

Interlocking wooden logs

For details of the wall construction (click here)

Perfectly insulated and waterproofed
The Real Log Home will ensure its all year round use and the kit format will save thousands on build costs.

We can supply in various woods, fur, pine, larch.

We can have the house built from start to finish by our experts at hugely competitive prices.


Detailed specification of materials supplied with each kit.

Garden House specifications:

Wall Material as per model
Ground floor beams 50x200 mm natural humidity
First floor beams where applicable per project
All rafters’ 50x200 mm as per project
Floor boarding, customer’s choice per project
All windows as selected per project
All doors as selected per project
Wind boards for roof
Skirting as per project
Floor insulation if specified per project
Roof insulation if specified per project

Log Home Specifications:

Log Home Specifications:
Wall material – logs of between 170mm up to 200 mm Naturally dried and antiseptically treated.

Ground floor beams, 50x200 mm Naturally dried
First floor beams, 50x200 mm Natural humidity pine
Beams of ground and first floor overlap, planed on 3 sides, 150x150 mm, they can be used as load bearing or for decoration

Beams of ground and first floor, planed by 3 sides, 150x200 mm
as per project

First floor logs 50x100 mm used together with beams
Beams of garret, overlap 50x150 mm
Rafters 50x200 mm
Roof logs d=200 mm
Wooden bar over the rafters 50x50 mm
Underlay board 50x150 mm placed under first row of logs, antiseptic treated

Floor boards 22 mm
Floor boards 1, 2, 25 mm Pine grooved board dried to 8-12 %.
Pine cat. B

Garret floor board, 25 mm Cut board of natural humidity
Ceiling of ground and first floor Pine "euro"-board dried, cat. B
Posts for frame partition, 50x100 mm
Boards for frame partitions Pine "euro"-board dried at cat. B

Board for cornice overhangs and balcony ceiling finishing, 20 mm planed with 10 mm clearance

Pediment and wind boards, 20 mm Planed
Terrace and balcony floor board, 35 mm Dried, planed, antiseptic. With 10 mm clearance
Outer barrier Balusters d=50 mm
Windows according to project According to project
Outer platband, with cap It is possible with fretted elements
Inner platband
Inner doors according to project Pine, varnished, glazed
Outer door Pine, varnished, decoration plank, lock not included
Balcony door Pine, varnished, triple glazed, accessories - chromed
Anti-shrinkage frame for windows and doors
Outer stairs 2-3 steps
Inner stairs Pine
Foundation hydro-isolation Rubberoid material
Wind-hydro-isolation under roofing ELKATEK SD
Vapour-isolation of first and ground overlapping Bitumen paper
Roof vapour-isolation ELKATEK 150S
Inter-row warming Flax strip between rows of log for insulation.
Roof warming,150 mm PAROC or ISOVER
Floor warming, ground floor - 200 mm, first floor - 100 mm ISOVER
Macroflex (foam)
Metal accessories Cramps, screws etc.
Wooden nails

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